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casey anthony minutes away from being released from a florida jail. in just a few moments, 25-year- old casey anthony will be a free woman, 11 days after being acquitted of murdering her 2- year-old daughter caylee anthony, she is expected to walk out of jail just after midnight. authorities are trying to downplay the release. let tonya drove from west palm beach to protest caseys release. >> she deserves exactly what she did to this poor girl. think trash, and i don't in a million years she should be let out tonight. >> casey should -- could be released as soon as the clock strikes midnight. >> she is not guilty. get over it. >> david does not necessarily support casey, but does support
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the justice system and the jury that found casey not guilty of murder. >> they are going to release her regardless. they are making sure it will be as safe as possible. i personally do not want to see anyone get hurt. >> the jail is blocking off the parking lot to the booking and release center. a spokesperson said casey's been a typical day in protective custody. her release will be anything but the norm. for her safety, casey is expected to be slipped out secretly instead of march, the front doors like in the past. protesters are frustrated she will get to live the carefree life she liked. >> kasich is getting exactly what she killed her daughter for, which is money, freedom. >> 3 journalists who are report documenting her release are now inside the jail. the jail will send out an e-mail that she has been released one she is a safe distance away.
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there is no word on where she will begin her new life. an expected mother remains in the hospital tonight after a deadly car crash in baltimore county. investigators believe the pregnant woman was driving along gatehouse drive and towson are around 11:15 p.m. last night. she turned into oncoming traffic on -- >> street and collided with another car. she was taken to the hospital where her baby was stillborn. you tonight, a harford county deputy is recovering after an accident that shut down interstate 95 for nearly two hours. we are told that thomas gamble we rented a car that had stopped near the edge would exit around 6:30 p.m. tonight. the officer suffered non life- threatening injuries and was flown to shock trauma, where at last check, he was in good condition. the driver of the other vehicle was not hurt. city police think a three-car accident may be connected to the
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early morning shooting nearby. >> one man is already in police custody but the search continues to night for another suspect who is still on the run. >> i was just filling in the house and heard a big explosion. >> when hiram butler came outside, the vivid image esol stuck in his head -- the be the image he's all stuck in his head. apparently the driver of this white mercedes caused a three- car accident. police say it all started here in the 2000 block of liberty hyde 70. police say a suspect shot a man of times in his arm and leg and then took off in his car. police put out a description of the car. >> we got a call moments later stating that that white mercedes had crashed.
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it struck two vehicles, ejecting one man out of the vehicle, a van that was moving. >> the driver of the van was rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition that he is expected to survive. at least two people ran out of the mercedes and try to get away. >> he was in the are not too far from where we are standing, and his leg was broken. >> moments ago we just located one of the suspects on ferndale drive. we believe there is one more suspect out there. >> the chart -- the search continues for that suspect. the suspect who is in police custody is being treated for his injuries at a local hospital. the department spokesperson said that once he is released, the charges will be formally filed. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> of work and police were investigating a deadly motorcycle accident and chase. we are told that fred's virgil
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of philadelphia was killed when his motorcycle left the road -- sturgill was killed when his motorcycle left the road. the man police say was shot in broad daylight yesterday has died from his injuries. investigators said the unidentified victim was shot multiple times in the back around 2:00. he was rushed to shock trauma where he died. police have no suspects or possible motive for the shooting. tonight, time kefauver it has been ordered to stay away from the historic theater that he once owned. it was claimed his office staff
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members thursday night. just last month, the candidate for city council president was escorted out of city hall when he caused a commotion during a council meeting. artscape is a huge draw this weekend for the 30th year in a row. order of a forecast like this weekend's and you just get a lot of people at the largest free arts festival in the country. 350,000 or anticipated at artscape this year, but records could be broken with his breezy weather. >> it is the best year i've had so far. and is not over yet. >> it is a moneymaker for sure. economic impact studies from the baltimore office of promotion and the arts has estimated value to the city at $26 million.
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>> people are coming in spending money at the festival and that area restaurants and also in gas and hotels to be part of the festival. >> some artists who are regular say this year has a different flare and it is not just the weather, it is the economy. >> i can tell that some people cannot afford to buy what they used to buy, or they are buying less. things are not like they were a few years ago. i can definitely see a difference. >> one thing that is for sure, artscape at age 30 is still going strong, and it people who return every year say it is something they would not -- they would never miss. >> it continues tomorrow. governor martin o'malley continues to lead the discussion at the national governors' association meeting in salt lake city, utah. today's agenda centered on
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economic development and commerce, but those talks were overshadowed by job creation. >> as we move our country out of this recession, that is why the governors are focused day and night on job creation. >> the governor also accused gop debt negotiators in washington of trying to damage the company indeed the economy so president obama will lose the election. president obama continues to call on both parties to work together to find a balanced approach to solving the nation's deficit problem. he said congressional leaders have a responsibility and an opportunity to work together to solve the problem, even if the end result is not particularly popular. >> i have put things on the table that are important to me and to democrats, and i expect republican leaders to do the same. we have worked together like that before. ronald reagan worked with tip o'neill to raise revenues and
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reform social security. bill glynn work with newt gingrich to balance the budget and create surpluses. nobody ever got everything they wanted, but eventually they worked together and moved the country forward. >> the two sides have failed to reach a deal after five consecutive days of meeting. the president warned that a default could be catastrophic. obama met with the dalai lama today, despite warnings from china. he said the 45-minute -- the president is the meeting to reaffirm his belief that the chinese government should result -- resolve issues with the dalai lama. he is in washington for a buddhist ritual. the final installment of the harry potter series is a record breaker. a look at the opening night numbers. the amendment comes to an end after the reject bickleton --
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the investigation into alleged phone hacking keeps up. >> the forecast eventually calls for some rain here and warmer temperatures. right now 74 at bwi marshall, 80
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>> an escapee is back behind bars tonight after fleeing the superior court in washington d.c. he turn himself in this afternoon. another prisoner was arrested after he escaped on thursday. allegations of the alleged phone scandal, rear admiral ran ads today in u.k. newspaper
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saying he was deeply sorry and apologize for what he called serious wrongdoing. he apologized to the girl's family in person yesterday. the numbers are in. harry potter and the deadly hallows part to set a new record. how much it brought in on opening night and what analysts expect for the rest of the weekend. >> it was kind of warm today, but the really hot and humid stuff is out in the central part of the nation. the forecast is
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>> the numbers are in for harry potter, and they are crazy. the final installment of the series shattered records, bringing in more than $92 million on its first day in theaters. analysts believe it could break the opening day record of the opening day of the batman dark night. >> the radar is not very busy
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around here. out to the west there is some shower activity but that is about it. a few sprinkles in the west virginia mountains today. here in the chesapeake bay area we are fair. today it was a little warmer, 87 the high at the airport, 91 at the inner harbor. the typical is 88, so we were right in the ballpark. the ratings have dropped into the 60's were you see the green. on the lower eastern shore, the yellow areas indicate 70 to near 80. in the 60 of the out in the mountains out west. a big area of high pressure over head. that is what has kept us clear. so far it has kept us very dry with low humidity. very pleasant weather. it is kind of reshaping itself and will start drifting further
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east. the farther east it goes, the more it allows the warm, humid air out over the central part of the nation for the last several days to get closer to us. with this current pattern, storms have been deflected to the north from the south. as it moves out of the picture, we are little more vulnerable to some range somewhere down the road but not immediately. the jet stream pattern is taking a big right up to the north, allowing that warm air to drive. it took a nosedive over the eastern seaboard couple of days ago and that is what gave us the good weather. it is beginning to move out to sea and will allow this hot, humid stuff to move in. 59-65 for the low. mostly sunny, a little warmer and a little more humid tomorrow, but still a pretty nice day when you consider what will happen later in the coming week. 87-91 for the high.
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boaters on the bay, the breeze will pick up and gust to 20. small craft advisories are out overnight. the teacher cast shows the range chance for a few isolated showers in the mountains tomorrow. monday, maybe a few isolated storms monday to the west, but by monday evening, sums thunderstorm activity developing to the north could get down to the pennsylvania line, and tuesday we have a chance for some rain as well. the ocean city forecast, sunny and dry. mid to upper 80 posted for the high sunday and monday. 89 tomorrow, 92 and more humid on monday. by monday night into tuesday, a chance for some scattered storms. muggy whether all week long,
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especially toward the end of the week. we could see an isolated storm on friday and into saturday. >> strike up the band. >> just enough bats, but they made it interesting tonight. that story is coming up next in sports. >> live from universal orlando resort, it is powerball, america's favorite jackpot game. tonight you are estimated jackpot is $62.4 million. tonight the multiplier is the no. 3. 28-48-54-24-50.
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here comes your powerball and is the number 25. good luck. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go.
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>> leading up to and throughout the nfl lockout, we have done our best to keep informed about the progress. i feel confident that the lockout will end sometime next week. the ravens senior vice president kevin burns would not share otherwise. >> they are more in the loop with the higher ups at the league office. it certainly sounds like we have the parameters of a deal that lawyers and financial people are now putting it in writing, making sure that what is written is what has been agreed to. >> good news indeed. the orioles today locked up j.j. hardy for the next three seasons. that turned out to be just the
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start of a rare good day for the orioles. striking outcome orlando in just one hit. ezekiel carrera, what a stop. bottom of the six, to nick markakis. two doubles and kevin greg could not stand prosperity. orlando to the wall, it is a 6-5 game. mike gonzales is forced to try for his first save in 15 months. he gets it. the streak ends and the orioles get the win, 6-5. when and rain, so typical of the english coast this year.
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it is odd that 10 of the 16 players hail from here. dustin johnson, a 27-year-old american talented enough to win. rekey fowler, tied for third at - 2. ninth hole, the weather relenting just a little bit. harris and somehow has the ball to his will. an eagle, and he is in the hunt at even par. another birdie, finishes the day at four under par. nicholson still hanging around, too. the 41-year-old northern irishman is in the lead at - 5. more american it adventures in europe include the u.s. women's
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soccer team battling for the world cup crown. they seem destined to win after this insane game-tying goal in the quarterfinals. the united states has limitless confidence. the key says an abbeywambach, we have to play good, but the soccer and we have to go for it. this is no time to hold back. this is the time to take risks and go forward. i believe we can get the win. >> it team usa ready to be told to go for that world cup crown. another check
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>> they are happy with the weather this weekend at artscape. >> the temperature and humidity goes up, so we orbit -- we will be back to what you like is normally. -- what your life is like normally. maybe some isolated storms on wednesday. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 four 11 news sunday morning. "saturday night probably not the high end accommodations you're used to mr. strauss-kahn, but make yourself at home. >> did you hear what i heard?

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